Natural package for natural products

Brand: ZERNA
Sphere: FMCG
Project: Natural package for natural products
Year: 2019

Services: Branding /



To develop a packaging design for dried fruits of the organic company Zerna.



Long before the invention of plastic, in Central Asia there was already an organic ‘container’ in the form of dried and peeled pumpkin root crops — ‘lagenaria’. It could transport liquid, food, and even money.

We decided to look back to history and put the dried product into use as natural packaging.

Thus, pumpkin packaging is an eco-friendly analogue of plastic packaging, consisting exclusively of organic materials, including the cap and the printed logo.

The dish pumpkin does not allow light and moisture to pass through, which also made it easy to transport.



Natural products — natural packaging.

The work received international recognition and brought the first Epica Awards gold and Pentawards silver to Uzbekistan.